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We love what our clients are saying about their experiences.

"I Smile"

N. C.
San Diego, CA

Whenever I think of you - I smile, inside and out!!

"Calmer and less judgmental"

J. J.
Buffalo, NY

After learning the how to repattern my thoughts, I am much calmer and less judgmental. I was able to “hear” the Astrology reading from Mary Beth

"Miracle with 17 year-old daughter"

C. J.
Clarence, NY

I am so excited to report that working with you through the Heart Harmonizing sessions have been a fabulous tool that I have used to completely shift my relationship with my 17-year-old daughter. I found it nearly impossible to connect with her since she became a teen and I have not been “allowed” to enter her room. Since I learned how to Heart harmonize, she not only invites me into her room, she wants to share her day with me - this is a miracle!

"Calmer and genuinely happier"

M. A. J.
Fredonia, NY

Learning HeartMath™ techniques with Mary Beth has been enlightening and inspiring. For me it has been a pathway of self-discovery. I have learned to pause, reflect, recognize and change my reactions in a positive way. With the encouragement and guidance from Mary Beth I have been given the tools and techniques to expand and grow myself in a loving, caring way. I feel calmer and genuinely happier.

"Invaluable resource"

R. L.
Tonawanda, NY

The exercises Mary Beth taught me have become an invaluable resource in my quest for mental and physical well-being. The latest example is being under a lot of stress from work. One night it culminated into my heart beating ultra-fast and being unable to sleep. I used the techniques Mary Beth had taught me which resulted in my heart rate reducing to normal, followed by 3 hours of badly needed sleep.

"Game changer"

L. L.
Tonawanda, NY

Learning to repattern my thoughts with Mary Beth has been a game changer in my life. Mary Beth’s compassion and passion shine through as she guides you with her real-life examples on how she uses these techniques, and how you can incorporate it into your life. My heart is full of gratitude & resilience!

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