Harmonizing body, mind and energy

For those seeking more energy and ease in everyday life.

Buffalo, NY and virtually

Sync up with the life your heart desires.

After all, life is too short not to love the one you're living!

Finding ease is an inside job.

When your physical, mental and emotional bodies are in harmony with external energy supporting you, you are leading a heart-centered life and you are in sync with possibilities.

Through one-on-one and group sessions, our proprietary process combines heart-focused repatterning of thoughts and astrology to help you sync up with your heart consciousness through our Life in Sync program.

Our proprietary process combines....


heart harmonizing

Learn to repattern your thoughts with HeartMathTM and other techniques.



Gain clarity as you get in sync with cosmic energy.


Life in Sync Program

Our proprietary Life in Sync Program helps you understand
how body, mind and energy is influencing your
life experiences and outcomes. Learn how to harmonize all three to
synchronize with the life your heart truly desires.


I am much calmer and less judgmental.  I was able to "hear" the Astrology reading from Mary Beth.

J. J. Buffalo, NY

I am so excited to report that working with you through the Heart Harmonizing sessions have been a fabulous tool that I have used to  completely shift my relationship with my 17 year-old daughter...a miracle!

C. J. Clarence, NY

The exercises Mary Beth taught me have become an invaluable resource in my quest for mental and physical well-being.

R. L. Tonawanda, NY

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Each month, enjoy a snapshot of what’s going on astrologically, along with tips on how to harmonize with the current cosmic energy through practical tips and a refocusing of thoughts through the heart to sync up with the life you’ll love. Sign up to be notified of the next call.

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