Life In Sync Program Sessions

Harmonize your body, mind and energy to sync up with the life your heart desires.

Start with our foundational session:

Understanding Your Life in Sync | 120 min
$  150

Continue with group sessions:

Heart Harmonizing Group Session | 75 min
$  30

At any time, go deeper with one-on-one follow-up sessions:

Heart Harmonizing | 60 min

$  90

Astrology | 75 min

$  90

foundational session

This foundational session is divided into two one hour sessions to provide a clear, focused understanding of tangible opportunities to harmonize your body, mind, and energy by combining our heart harmonizing process and astrology.

This session will help you identify areas in your life where you can make more heart-based decisions, including specific next steps and simple strategies, to sync up with the life your heart truly desires.

We recommend following up with the group sessions or one-on-one follow-up sessions to continue syncing up with a heart-based life.


You will love this session which includes:

  • Heart Harmonizing

    an overview, including simple tools to harmonize and refocus your breath and thoughts through your heart using HeartMathTM  and other techniques.

  • Astrology

    to gain clarity on how your astrological birth chart informs and supports your tendencies, motivations, and passions.

group sessions

Heart Harmonizing Group Sessions | 60 min $30

A great follow-up to Understanding Your Life in Sync, enjoy the support of a group of like-hearted individuals as committed as you are to refocusing their thoughts to better harmonize body, mind, and energy to live and love a more heart-connected life. Benefit from live Q&A and group sharing led by Mary Beth along with techniques and tools like HeartMath TM  on a regular basis to help you sync up with a life you’ll love.


follow-up sessions

At any point, choose to go deeper and sync up with the life you'll love. Combine sessions to maximize body, mind, and energy harmonization.


Heart Harmonizing | 60 Min $90

These one-on-one sessions provide personalized feedback and tools as you refocus your thoughts using HeartMathTM  and other techniques to better harmonize body, mind, and energy and synchronize with the most loving relationships, opportunities, and possibilities. Sessions are done via Zoom or similar technology.


Astrology | 75 min $90

Go deeper with your Astrology chart for additional clarity on your tendencies, passions, challenges, and how to better harmonize with the cosmic energy supporting you to sync up with the life your heart desires. Sessions are done via Zoom, and you’ll receive a recording to review the tools and clarity received from Mary Beth.