Life In Sync Program Sessions

Harmonize your body, mind and energy to sync up with the life your heart desires.

Set the foundation with:

Heart harmonizing journey | 6 sessions

$ 900

Follow up sessions:

Heart harmonizing single session

$ 150

Heart harmonizing package of 3+1 free

$ 450

Astrology Readings:

Birth Chart Reading

$ 150

Follow-up Reading

$ 150

heart harmonizing journey

Discover the profound advantages of heart harmonizing with 6 one-on-one sessions, tailored to your individual needs. Plus, you'll receive your very own Inner Balance Coherency Plus Sensor (retail $249) – the latest technology from the HeartMath Institute – completely free of charge.

Heart harmonizing coherency is the art of aligning your heart, brain, and nervous system to work together in harmony. Coherency can transform the way you live.

By mastering coherency, you'll be able to manage stress and anxiety more effectively, improve your relationships, enhance your physical well-being, make better decisions, and tap into your inner wisdom.

Learn Heart Harmonizing skills and habits that will increase your energy levels and bring a sense of ease and flow into your daily routine, allowing you to align yourself with the life your heart desires.

These sessions can be conducted through Zoom or other similar technologies.


Embark on a life-changing adventure that includes:

  • Heart Harmonizing

    Skills and tools that enable you to refocus your breath and thoughts through your heart, using HeartMath™ and other methods.

  • Inner Balance Coherence Plus Sensor
    (valued at $249)

    and exclusive access to the latest HeartMath App, which enhances your training experience. The technology measures your heart coherence and provides biofeedback by utilizing heart rate variability (HRV). You'll learn how to recognize coherence and develop your skills with ease and confidence using the sensor.


follow-up sessions

Continued Support Tailored to Your Needs

Following the first leg of your journey, enjoy ongoing assistance with personalized sessions. These sessions can be conducted through Zoom or other similar technologies. Purchase sessions as required or choose a package of three and obtain the fourth session for free.


Heart Harmonizing Single Session | $150

Heart Harmonizing 3+1 Package | $450


Astrology | 75 min $150

Gain insight into your natural tendencies, passions, and challenges through a dialogue with Mary Beth about your cosmic photograph at birth. Learn how to align yourself with the cosmic energy around you to achieve the life you desire. Zoom sessions are available, and you will receive a recording to review the insights and tools provided by Mary Beth.