Mary Beth Wollenschlaeger

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Mary Beth

meet mary beth

With Sun in humanitarian Aquarius, Moon in practical Taurus, and passionate Leo rising, Mary Beth Wollenschlaeger was born to help others and inspire. After a career in corporate accounting, Mary Beth decided life’s too short not to love the one you’re living and followed her heart to develop programs that help others also harmonize with a life they’ll love.

A licensed massage therapist, ARCB certified reflexologist, certified HeartMathTM mentor, and ardent astrologer, Mary Beth helps harmonize body, mind, and energy empowering people to tap into their own heart consciousness and live a heart-based life.

An ordained reverend through The Sanctuary of the Beloved and the Order of Melchizedek, Mary Beth has officiated over one hundred heart-centered ceremonies, including weddings, baby blessings, and life celebrations. She is a Couples Choice Award Winner since 2015 and is 5-star reviewed.