Aligning Hearts and Stars – an interview with Mystic Mag

Mystic Mag talks with Mary Beth Wollenschlaeger, a fascinating individual who possesses a unique blend of talents as a certified HeartMathTM mentor and ardent astrologer. Mary Beth’s journey has led her to explore the profound connection between the heart’s intelligence and the cosmic patterns that shape our lives. As a certified HeartMathTM mentor, she has honed her skills in guiding individuals towards emotional balance and resilience. Simultaneously, her expertise as an astrologer allows her to tap into the celestial energies, unraveling the mysteries of the stars and their impact on our personal destinies. Today, we have the privilege of diving into Mary Beth’s expansive knowledge, exploring the intersections between heart coherence, astrology, and personal transformation. Get ready to be captivated by this enlightening conversation with Mary Beth Wollenschlaeger.

How do you combine HeartMath practices and astrology in your work, and how do they complement each other?

HeartMath, or heart harmonizing, skills provide us with tools to develop a coherency practice. In other words, a practice to use in all areas of life, to help us approach all of life – the joys and the challenges – from a place of trusting our own intelligence and guidance. We are said to be coherent when we experience energy renewing emotions, such as joy, love or kindness. When we are coherent, we think more clearly because … Read More at Mystic Mag

What type of services do you offer?

At Love Your Life in Sync, we provide one-on-one mentoring and small group classes sharing heart harmonizing skills to help you build a coherency practice. Having a coherency practice means you are aware of your thoughts and feelings – specifically which are energy draining and which are energy renewing – and you have learned how to manage them by stopping energy drains and replacing them with renewing energy. Most people are surprised to learn … Read More at Mystic Mag

How do you use HeartMath and astrology to help individuals develop greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence?

With heart harmonizing practices, we become more attuned to our inner wisdom and then we can address what is really going on inside of us – and address it from a place of self-compassion, rather than self-judgment.

Astrology opens us up to new understandings about ourselves by showing us … Read More at Mystic Mag